Improve practice efficiencies with optomap


The workflow of any practice can be greatly impacted by the resources made available to clinical practitioners working in eye care settings. A rise in patient waiting times often leads to delays in the diagnoses and treatment of diseases and disorders. But if a practice flow is fluid, and with the utilisation of advanced retinal imaging technology that provides enhanced eye care, more health issues can be caught earlier, saving sight and lives.1

Make retinal imaging part of your practice efficiencies  

The success of any eye care practice relies on the continued growth and retention of a customer base. Patients that are educated on their health through the provision of excellent eye care can help improve a practices bottom line. Efficiencies are also improved with the utilisation of nine available multimodalities that can include OCT to make a practice more: multipurpose, multifunctional, multidimensional 

Optos is advanced retinal imaging technology, able to capture 82% of the retina as opposed to 15% with standard fundus photography. Our optomap eye scans generate 200°ultra-widefield single image captures in just ½ a second, allowing practitioners to visualize vitreoretinal, retinal, and choroidal layers from pole to periphery.2    

Regardless of the size of your practice, efficiencies can be improved with cutting-edge technology that helps educate patients earlier and supports the detection, diagnosis and treatment of health issues. Optos devices allow clinical practitioners to see more, discover more and treat patients more efficiently in less time.3  

Benefits of retinal imaging technology by the numbers 

- 7% more patients seen with optomap 

- 33%4  decrease in patient visit time   

- 99% say retinal imaging is critical to improving clinical care 



I wish I had of purchased an Optos UWF imaging device sooner. Being able to take such a large image of the retina, not just the standard 15 degrees, has been extremely beneficial in aiding referrals for my patients and the long-term monitoring of different conditions. Judith Long, Opticians 

Give the gift of proactive eye care 

Enhanced practice efficiencies with the implementation of advanced retinal imaging technology enables eye care specialists to identify potential issuesbefore they become a health concern. Our cutting-edge Optos technology presents the gift of proactive eye care, keeps patients coming back, and practices operating more efficiently with smoother workflows. This in turn allows clinicians to alleviate day to day business pressures, while focusing on providing excellent healthcare with cutting-edge technology.  

Why wait any longer? Give your practice and patients the gift of multimodality retinal imaging technology—get Optos off your wish list and into your practice 



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