Daytona produces a 200° single-capture optomap retinal image of unrivaled clarity in less than ½ second. This fast, easy, patient friendly, ultra-widefield imaging technology was designed for healthy eye screening and has been shown to improve practice flow and patient engagement.



Daytona provides eyecare professionals with UWF digital images of 200 degrees or up to 82% of the retina in a single, non-contact optomap image. In addition, the Daytona device comes with the OptosAdvance™ browser-based image review software, which allows for simple documentation, monitoring and referral processing to assist in patient management and improved patient flow.

Technical Specifications

Image Modalities

optomap color and optomap (red and green laser):
   Color composite view
   Green laser view
   Red laser view

optomap af (green laser): 


optomap plus: 14 μm
optomap: 20 μm


Red laser: 635 nm

Green laser: 532 nm 

Exposure Time

Less than 0.4 seconds 


Width: 440 mm/18 in

Depth: 500 mm/20 in

Height: 795 mm/32 in 


28 kg/62 lbs 

Table Space Requirements

Width: 700 mm/28 in

Depth: 550 mm/22 in 


White body with aqua trim

White body with blue trim

White body with silver trim

White body with red trim

Laser Class

Laser safety class-1

following EN60825 

System Voltage

US: 100-120V at 50/60Hz 3a 

Power Consumption

Max. 300VA