The “Must-Have” Technologies Every Practice Should Have

As we shared a few months ago, investing in advanced technology is a must for every medical practice. Adding equipment with up-to-date technology allows your practice to operate at maximum efficiency and create a more positive patient experience.


Optometric Management recently published a list of five “must-have” technologies which the magazine suggests that every eyecare practitioner consider for their practice. These technologies are described as technologies that will make your life easier while minimizing “administrative burden” and instilling “patient loyalty and referrals.” Below is a quick look at each.


Digital Appointment Scheduling – The author of the article, Ben L. Larson, O.D., shared that his practice uses digital scheduling software that is linked directly to the practice’s website. Patients are able to schedule an appointment without calling and can do so at any hour, which has led to an increase in word-of-mouth referrals. Additionally, the practice’s staff is able to focus more on patient care and less on administrative duties.


Patient Intake Forms on Your Website – Adding patient intake forms to your website offers extra convenience to your patients and the staff of your practice, by eliminating the need to provide the patients with several handouts when they arrive for their appointments A patient can be taken back for an exam almost immediately. Dr. Larson does remind practitioners in the United States that their websites should be on a very secure server to be in compliance with HIPPA regulations.


Automated Patient Messaging – Many practices are now using automated patient messaging software for patient communications ranging from appointment reminders and confirmations to newsletters and more. Dr. Larson’s practice also personalizes the experience for patients by sending them birthday greetings.


Digital Tablets – The iPad and other tablet devices have revolutionized the patient experience in a positive way. For example, practices can load educational videos to tables and show them to patients while in the exam room, as well as using them to chart patient information on the spot.

using a tablet for patient education

Create an App for Your Practice – Living in the digital age means you’ll likely have a large number of patients that use their smartphones exclusively, and creating an app for your practice can open some beneficial windows, such as allowing patients to schedule appointments, view educational information, link to your social sites, receive important notifications, and more!


As we have shared before, Optos’ ultra-widefield retinal imaging devices are equipped with many features that will help improve your practice’s office flow and enhance the patient experience. Additionally, we’ve created an iPad app, Chart Remote, which works with our visual acuity testing systems in a streamlined manner. Visit our website today for more information on our products and learn how they can enhance your practice.


What technologies do you consider to be “must-haves” for your practice? Share with us in comment below.