Optos’ Chart Remote iPad App

At Optos, we are always trying to find ways to help professionals and patients communicate better and get the best results from tests. With these goals in mind, Optos has developed a helpful new iPad app to accompany the already versatile OptosChart digital visual acuity system.


Our app, Chart Remote, is designed to control the OptosChart visual acuity testing systems, as well as perform near vision testing via an iPad. The OptosChart is compatible with several of the commonly used USB Wi-Fi adaptors, including Linksys, Belkin, Netgear, and DLink. The app’s software will automatically detect the Wi-Fi signal from the USB Wi-Fi adaptor allowing you to connect your iPad via an ad hoc network, or through the wireless LAN network in your clinic.


In addition to serving as a remote, the Chart Remote app offers a synchronized on-tablet chart display. This means you will no longer need to memorize another optotype or read the chart along with your patients to confirm the responses of your patients. The Chart Remote app also streamlines patient registration and data input, as well as allows you to archive, email, or print visual acuity reports.


The OptosChart digital visual acuity testing system  features:

  • Medical-grade LCD screen a proprietary built-in computer
  • 24-bit color and contrast sensitivity testing
  • A comprehensive range of charts, tests, and optotypes
  • The ability to generate and print reports
  • Exam distance customization
  • Repository for patient education files, images, and videos

Chart Remote App

Our Chart Remote app is just another way to differentiate your practice from the rest, and best of all, it is available free of charge to new and old customers alike through iTunes  now!


For more information on Optos’ Chart Remote iPad app or any of our visual acuity testing systems and other request a consultation with one of our representatives.


And if you are already using the Chart Remote app with your OptosChart visual acuity system, please share your experience with us in a comment below.