Monaco combines optomap ultra-widefield technology with SD-OCT creating a fast, convenient, multi-modal imaging tool. Monaco can produce a 200°, single-capture retinal images of unrivaled clarity and can display a six-image overview including color, AF, and OCT of both eyes in as little as 90 seconds.      


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Monaco provides an exciting new way to enhance your clinical exam. The only ultra-widefield retinal imaging device with integrated SD-OCT, Monaco produces a 200° single-capture optomap image in less than ½ second and also provides cross-sectional 40° OCT views of retinal structures. Monaco enables a rapid multimodal capture featuring color, autofluorescence, and OCT scans, for both eyes, in as little as 90 seconds.

Monaco offers the following benefits:

• UWF with integrated OCT saves time, space, and minimizes patient movement
• Central pole OCT provides comprehensive multimodal imaging
optomap images and OCT scans are correlated to facilitate pathology examination
• Automated OCT Analysis Tools
• Color, AF, and OCT images are shown in a single, comprehensive view
• A comprehensive Reference Database that enables the results of OCT analysis to be shown in relation to 1%, 5%, 95%, and 99% of the RDB population


Technical Specifications

Image Modalities

optomap color and optomap plus (red and green laser): 
   Color composite view
   Green laser view
   Red laser view 
optomap af (green laser): autofluorescence
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)


optomap plus: 14 μm
optomap: 20 μm

Exposure Time

Less than 0.4 seconds

OCT Scan Types

Line Scan
Raster Scan
Retina Topography Scan
Optic nerve Head (OnH) Topography Scan
Retinal nerve Fiber layer (RnFl) Scan


Red laser: 635 nm
Green laser: 532 nm (for af )

Tomographic Imaging

Signal Type: Optical scattering from tissue
Signal Source: Super luminescent Diode (SlD) 840 nm
Optical Power: laser safety Class-1 following IEC/en60825-1:2014
Typical Axial Resolution: <7 micron (in tissue) Digital on-screen <5 micron
Transverse Resolution: <20 micron (in tissue), Digital on-screen <15 micron
Scanners: Galavanometric with X, Y mirrors
Scan Depth: 2.3 mm (in tissue)

OCT Scan Characteristics

Spectral Domain OCT
A-Scan rate up to 70k cycles/s
Active eye tracking
Automatic scan positioning


Width: 550 mm/22 inches
Depth: 570 mm/23 inches
Height: 606 - 632 mm/24-25 inches