Recognizing World Optometry Day

March 23rd is World Optometry Day; a day to recognize and raise awareness about the important role of optometrists in providing eye care services and improving vision health worldwide.

Optometry helps patients maintain good vision, and continues to provide the highest quality of care.  Let’s celebrate this day and continue to raise awareness of the importance of vision care and overall eye health.


World Optometry Day 2023.png


At Optos we'd like to celebrate the entire week and continue to raise awareness of the importance of family vision care and overall eye health. So, starting today, and all week, Optos will be highlighting Optometrists worldwide who embrace utilizing optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging for their patients.

Optos is dedicated to enabling eye care professionals across the globe to provide the quality eye exams necessary for good vision. Optometrists worldwide have utilized optomap technology to improve patient workflow, clinical accuracy, and timely diagnosis and treatment for patients.

With over 20,000 devices installed across the globe, there are countless stories to be told regarding how optomap has saved sight and saved lives in all eye care settings.

We are officially calling all optometrists to tell us your optomap story