optomap Allows Eye Care Practioners to Image Safely

Optos ultra-widefield (UWF™) imaging is a revolutionary technology that enables eye care professionals to examine the retina in detail without the need for face-to-face interaction. This novel approach to eye exams enables detailed examinations with no face-to-face interaction and Optos UWF technology may help protect patients and staff by reducing the spread of airborne disease. Image Safely is the fourth pillar of Optos technology and its unrivaled advantage of being non-invasive nature. 

California Image Review

A patient is also able to see the image of their eye, from a safe distance, so they know exactly what is being discussed during their examination. Using this technology allows for exams to be quick, easy, and provide added reassurance to everyone their exam is conducted safely, while still receiving, and providing, the best possible eyecare.

optomap imaging is a safe and convenient way to examine the retina by enabling eye care professionals to provide high-quality care while keeping patients safe and comfortable. With more than 20,000 devices in use worldwide, millions of patients have benefited from optomap UWF imaging. Used by doctors to diagnose and manage hundreds of eye diseases, including detachments, AMD, and diabetic eye disease. optomap has helped doctors uncover early-stage ocular cancers and cardiovascular disease resulting in life-saving treatments. Contact us today to put the power of optomap in your practice, or visit our website to learn more.