100% Optical 2023 Round-up

The team at Optos recently presented at 100% Optical and provided a host of informative sessions covering ultra-widefield (UWF™) retinal imaging and multi modal imaging – all with our mission at the forefront.  


This is especially relevant given the challenges around NHS referrals and the increased need for primary care optometry to be able to routinely view the peripheral region. Through CPD lectures on our stand and Lunch and Learn sessions, we showcased the benefits of our optomap® retinal imaging technology and our range of devices.   

The live demonstrations of our devices, including the Daytona, Monaco and Silverstone, allowed optometrists to see how they work first-hand and how they can be integrated into practices. The Optos team were also able to demonstrate how, in this current economic climate, having enhanced screening devices in place can help with patient retention and overall patient health.  

We also launched our AI platform, Optos AI Solutions, while our very own Chief Technology Officer, Derek Swan, presented the next chapter in comprehensive retinal analysis – reshaping eye healthcare. 

Derek, who has worked at Optos for more than 10 years, brought the audiences’ attention to the future of optometry, sparking conversations about AI’s increased presence in the sector. He explored how AI’s rapid analytical interpretation of images, and its ability to provide a more extensive insight into ocular pathologies and disease management pathways, could be the future of primary and secondary eye care.   

If you missed it, you can register for Derek’s webinar on Tuesday 7th March at 18:30 GMT to find out more about the future of the sector: optos.is/AIwebinarEU