Why a Comprehensive Eye Exam Should be First on your Back to School List

The summer itself has flown by and it's that time of year again where back-to-school lists become a priority. As adults run around stores trying to make sure the children have everything they need to be successful throughout the school year, it is important to remember to schedule that all-important eye exam - and with August being Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month what better time to put it on the list!

Many common eye issues first develop in young people and identifying these issues early can help limit the impact. Many eye issues can develop much faster in children than they do in adults and can potentially cause irreversible loss of vision. In addition to common eye issues, poor eyesight can lead to problems learning and focusing, potentially limiting a child's full potential. Your eyecare professional can help with both during a comprehensive eye examination which includes optomap

An optomap image captures up to 200°, or 82% of the retina in one fast, painless image, with little or no face-to-face interaction. The image is highly detailed and allows the eye care professional the best view for identifying diseases and other issues that may arise in your child’s eyes. Set your child up for success this school year by scheduling a comprehensive eye exam with optomap!


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