Enhanced Practice Flow with optomap®

optomap produces a high-resolution, 200°, single-capture retinal image in less than ½ second and more than 20,000 Optos devices are in use worldwide with millions of patients benefiting from optomap ultra-widefield imaging (UWFTM). A core pillar on which the technology stands is its ability to reduce patient visit time and improve practice flow and practice economics.

Doctors require tools that support patient engagement without sacrificing efficiency. Eye care providers turn to single-capture UWF imaging to streamline clinic flow and connect with patients while keeping both them and their staff safer. In a recent webinar, a panel of doctors touted the importance of implementing the technology in a practice. 

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At Center for Sight (Sarasota, FL) highlighted in the webinar, Optos UWF imaging eliminated testing redundancy for patients who had been previously dilated and significantly decreased patient visit time. This reduction made the practice more efficient and helped reduce the number of patients in the office at the same time. With this new protocol in place, patient movement and staff interactions are down. Staff and patients alike appreciated the changes to efficiency within the clinic.

These results are not unique - one university-based study reported a reduction in eye exam visit duration of 33% (28 minutes) after implementing similar Optos-focused changes. Furthermore, a study in a private practice reported Optos implementation resulted in an additional 220 patients per year (average of 1.5 additional per day). They also noted that the incremental practice revenue from these patients allowed them to pay for the instrument in less than a year. Improved practice flow is a direct result of Optos technology implementation. Read the study.


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