optomap Improving Patient Experience

Patient Experience Week provides a time to reflect on the impact that eye care professionals and staff have on the patient experience. Starting the last Monday of April, Patient Experience Week invites all eye care professionals to recognize and celebrate accomplishments, re-energize efforts and honor these individuals people who affect the patient experience daily. Patient experience is a critical component to not only attract but also retain a patient base. Positive relationships and trust provide patients the drive to become more engaged in their own health and also develop a stronger sense of loyalty to their eye care provider.

Optos is dedicated to enabling eye care professionals to provide quality eye exams and educational tools to build a stronger patient experience. This week, we will be highlighting eye care professionals and their stories where they utilized optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging to enhance their patient's experience.  


Optos encourages you to take your patient experiences to the next level by adding Optos UWF to your practice.