Embrace the Benefits and Enhance your Practice with Optos UWF

Investment brings increased revenue and enhanced patient care

Richard Foss, OD, recognized the opportunity to embrace a new standard of care technology when he first encountered Optos ultra-widefield (UWF™) technology in 2004. Dr. Foss is always on the lookout for advanced technology and is often an early adopter of new diagnostic equipment. In all of his practices, his ROI on his investment has always been strong so when he opened his fifth practice, he once again reserved space for a new Optos device. Dr. Foss now owns both California and Daytona systems and offers retinal health screenings to all his patients.

"We made the optomap imaging affordable from day one.  We've never raised the price, and we've always been profitable. Optos UWF imaging is an asset for our patients and our balance sheet."

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optomap optimizes benefit to patients and profitability

Dr. Eric Hammond, OD, boasts optomap and its impact on patient care, "a picture is a thousand words", it gives him the ability to compare previous images versus new images side by side and analyze every blood vessel, nevus and pigmentary change with as much scrutiny as he wants.  Dr. Hammond explains in an article published in Review of Optometric Business his insistence on all new patients getting an optomap screening, he feels its essential to have a digital retinal image at the first exam.  Revenue in Dr. Hammond's practice, Lakeline Vision Source in Cedar Park, Texas, is over $34,000 in optomap screenings per month averaging about 950 retinal scans.  This revenue well offsets the monthly cost of the device and results in a huge boost of the bottom line. 

Put optomap in Your Practice and Realize New Revenue Streams and Tax Savings

optomap is the only clinically-validated, ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology in the industry. Purchase a new device and take advantage of Section 179 US tax incentives (US only) to provide yourself and your patients the technological advancements available with optomap. Contact us today to have your device installed before the year-end! 


Please consult with your financial advisor with any questions on Section 179 tax incentives.