optomap Provides Clinic Efficiency and Higher Level of Care for Patients

Dr. Heather Trapheagen’s focus has always been patient care and education. It's important for her that her patients understand what their eyes are telling them. In 2016, Dr. Trapheagen explored adding retinal imaging to her practice in search of a wider view of the periphery for her clinical setting. She decided on the Daytona from Optos, delivering optomap imaging, a single-capture, ultra-widefield view of the retina.

Dr. Trapheagen made up her mind to invest in optomap when her 9-year-old son was able to sit down and successfully trial the technology at a convention. She knew, then, that it would work on even her more difficult patients.

One of her favorite features is the 3D Wrap™ tool. “It helps patients understand what they are looking at inside their eye,” she clarifies.
optomap technology enabled Dr. Trapheagen to see beyond the eye and treat a patient that otherwise had no vision complaints. When Dr. Trapheagen later upgraded to Optos' later technology, the California, it was even more user-friendly for her and her staff, and the images were more vivid with higher resolution. Patients enjoyed the upgrade with a head and chin rest for comfort. Dr. Trapheagen states that not only is this device good for patients, but for the doctors, as well. “Doctors will make back their investment with Optos,” she concludes.

Efficiency is a must when it comes to taking care of patients. Dr. Trapheagen has adapted her pretest forms in an effort to limit patients’ time in the office. Her form details how optomap technology is fast, efficient and thorough. “Patients who never have opted for [optomap screening] before are doing so now, and when I show them this technology, it has a wow factor.”

With UWF digital images of 200 degrees or up to 82% of the retina in a single, non-contact optomap image, her patients are also loving the fast office visits the technology is offering them. She is even considering purchasing a second California device to eliminate bottlenecks as she and her new associate share the space in her new, larger office. Dr. Trapheagen is continually grateful for the support from Optos if she ever needs to troubleshoot an issue or when she brings on new staff for training.

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Heather Trapheagen OD
Eyecare remains a top priority and it’s important to continue to provide patients the technological advancements available with optomap. Retinal imaging fulfills a need in supporting the detection and management of both ocular and systemic disease and optomap provides the technology to make clinical diagnosis and patient education easier. Visit our website to learn about the additional benefits of implementing optomap in your clinical setting and provide the highest level of care to your patients.