Optos Technology Provides Enhanced Efficiency, a Higher Standard of Care and Increased Safety for Patients and Staff

optomap ultra-widefield (UWF™) retinal imaging technology supports and enables practice efficiency for eyecare professionals in all settings. The integration of optomap technology as a routine diagnostic and screening tool has shown to improve workflow and increase service capacity within a very short time and also facilitates patient workflow, clinical accuracy, and timely diagnosis and treatment for patients.

Chris Vincent, OD, was constantly looking for ways to make his practice more efficient. “We wanted efficiency but did not want to sacrifice the high quality of care our patients were accustomed to,” says Vincent.

Dr. Vincent found his answer in California from Optos. His office had a retinal camera, but that did not provide the UWF view they needed. Once he made the decision to bring in optomap UWF imaging, the device was quickly installed, his staff trained, and on the second day, the office was imaging patients. The efficiency that Dr. Vincent hoped for was evident immediately.

Dr. Vincent implemented optomap imaging into his practice just as the COVID-19 pandemic struck. “Optos technology had been on my wish list for a while, we had been thinking about it long enough and really needed the efficiency we hoped it would bring.” Acknowledging that making a capital investment during such an uncertain time felt a little strange, Dr. Vincent felt it was the right time. As practices began to reopen, Avery Ranch Eye Care included, the team quickly discovered an entirely unforeseen benefit of optomap imaging.

The practice began seeing patients again under the new pandemic protocols and in turn discovered that “our California not only allows the technicians to maintain a safe distance from patients, but we also decrease the overall risk of exposure to the virus by moving patients through pretesting more quickly and efficiently.” Explains Dr. Vincent.

Dr. Vincent and the staff are grateful that he invested in the efficiency of optomap when he did. “We’ve maintained the early efficiency gains and have increased momentum since we initially implemented Optos technology. We are continually adding more patients into the daily schedule.”

He adds that optomap imaging and the California have delivered all he hoped it would – and more. “I knew it was going to increase our efficiency, but I didn’t expect to see that on day one. It has helped us to continue providing the high quality of care for which we are known.”

Provide patients the technological advancements available with optomap and increase patient throughput and practice efficiency in less than half a second