Increasing Practice Efficiency and Improving Workflow with the use of optomap Technology

A study conducted at a prominent research university found a 28 minute (33%) reduction in patient visit duration after implementing centralized optomap imaging.

When photography was identified as a major bottleneck in patient movement and clinic efficiency, process changes were implemented in a project to reduce patient visit time. Technician training, equipment placement, and alignment of staff and doctor schedules were of the process changes put in place.

Prior to these changes, the average patient visit was 87 minutes.  Four weeks after implementation, the average patient visit duration was 58.5 minutes.  Additional benefits to the program included increased patient satisfaction, less downtime for patients and fewer staff handoffs as well as minimized patient movement throughout the clinic.

The study proved effective in improving clinic efficiency by reducing bottlenecks in clinic workflow. Reallocation of resources, reorganizing equipment and clinic staff training showed to be a more cost-effective solution than only focusing on capital purchases or hiring additional staff.

“As patient volumes increase, finding ways to reduce patient wait times and improve clinic efficiency will be even more important…”-  Retina 2021

Ultra-widefield Retinal Imaging Leads to Practice Efficiencies

When Drs. Wes Shealy and Joe Pitcavage opened their first office, they both knew that offering optomap UWF retinal imaging technology was essential in order to provide the highest caliber of care to their patients. The doctors both quickly realized the improved efficiency the technology brought to their offices. Shealy explains that for those populations difficult to image, or refused to be imaged, the technology facilitates an otherwise unobtainable comprehensive retinal exam and expedites the entire exam process. “Without a doubt having optomap in our practices has improved efficiency and patient flow and we are able to see more patients.

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