optomap in the Clinic: Enhancing the Level of Care and Patient Flow

Dr. Roger Jordan of Gillette Optometric Clinic in Gillette, Wyoming, practices alongside four other doctors conducting nearly 900 exams, about 1200 patient visits.  This team is no stranger to high volume and the need for efficient patient flow.  One stop that all patients make is for optomap® imaging.  The business model includes the screening in the exam price for all private-pay patients and is available at low cost for all managed care patients.  According to Dr. Jordan, optomap has greatly enhanced the ability to diagnose conditions as well better the patient education experience across the board. 

optomap allows Dr. Jordan to detect retinal detachments and tears multiple times a month in addition to routinely following cases of glaucoma and macular degeneration.  Alongside these cases, there have been several unique and interesting discoveries.  Once he saw a male patient about 40 or 50 who had symmetrical scars on both sides of his retinas, as a result of doctors using forceps to assist in delivery at birth.  Another time, a female in her 20s came in for her first ever eye exam, Dr. Jordan found that a parasitic worm was curled up and dead in her eye that had been there for years, causing no issues so he left it alone, but considered it a great educational tool. 

 optomap image showing a dead parasitic worm

The practice first incorporated Optos technology back in 2001.  “Even with the older technology, it was still very impressive to have the ability to see 200 degrees and a vast majority of the retina in a short period of time.” Dr. Jordan recalls. Since their first acquisition, the practice has upgraded its optomap technology several times, most recently purchasing California in May 2018.  Dr. Jordan attests to the overall image quality has vastly improved with this model, with much higher definition on the details.  Added tools and features allow him to take an even closer look, leading to a faster diagnosis.

optomap allows Dr. Jordan and his referring retinal specialists to communicate prior to patients’ arriving at the specialist’s office.  He can send over his images and findings so that she is prepared and ahead of the game on any particular case. 

Doctors and staff at Gillette Optometric Clinic all additionally appreciate the responsiveness from the Optos team if they ever have questions, keeping any system downtime to a minimum, which is so important in a busy practice. 

optomap Testimonial-Roger Jordan OD

Over the years, optomap has proven to be irreplaceable in the Gillette Optometric Clinic and has aided both in efficient patient flow as well as a much-needed diagnostic tool.  UWF™ imaging technology gives eye care providers imagery and diagnostic information about the retinal periphery that can’t be provided by small-field imaging methods.  For more stories and information on how to put  optomap in your practice, visit our website, today!