Celebrating Smarter During Fireworks Eye Safety Month

If you live in a state where fireworks are legal, then it may be tempting to use some for your next backyard barbecue or upcoming July 4th celebrations. However, unless you are a professional, fireworks should be considered dangerous and best left to said professionals.

fireworks eye safety

According to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 8,000 firework-related injuries were treated in US hospitals in the 2015 alone. Of those, approximately 16% of the injuries involved the eye or eyes. Injuries included burns, corneal abrasions, foreign object impalement, and irritation from smoke, ashes, and other chemicals. Sadly, these injuries are largely preventable if follow our tips on improving fireworks eye safety.


  1. Never allow your children, yourself, or anyone in your family to play with fireworks.Please, for the safety of you and everyone around you, leave these to the pyrotechnic professionals. Remember, fireworks are not 
  2. Always supervise your children around sparklers.That same research from the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2015 revealed that over 2,700 injuries occurred due to sparklers and bottle rockets. To ensure you and your children’s safety, only hold one lit sparkler at the time, and be sure to keep it at an arm’s distance away from the face. Avoid waving the sparkler around and/or running with it.
  3. When attending a fireworks show, be sure to stay at least 500 away from the display itself.Respect any barriers set up by pyrotechnical officials and first responders. This is critical, as many of the people injured due to fireworks are not those handling the fireworks themselves, but rather bystanders who are watching the show.

If you or a loved one has sustained an eye injury related to a fireworks display, seek medical attention immediately. Depending on the extent of the injury, the emergency team may recommend that you consult with your local eye doctor for continued care beyond the acute stage.


Remember, too, that the summer season is an excellent time of year to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with your eye doctor. With a more flexible schedule and perhaps some time off, it’s probably easier to get you and your loved ones in to have your eyes thoroughly evaluated.


We would encourage you to find an eye doctor who includess optomap® as part of their comprehensive eye exam. This innovative and advanced diagnostic equipment allows your eye doctor to get a detailed look at your retinal tissue (the thick layer on the inside of the back of your eye that contains light-sensitive cells and is critical for being able to see). optomap helps eye doctors detect potential issues before symptoms even begin to develop, which can improve patient outcomes in the long run by allowing for earlier treatment.


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