Realizing Real Patient Benefits with Optos UWF Retinal Imaging Technology

Ophthalmologist, ultra-widefield retinal imaging (UWF™) devices from Optos in their practices.


See what you are missing with optomap.


Dr. Werner uses Daytona because it provides a fast, yet thorough, screening and assessment of the retina. As part of pre-testing protocol, Daytona gives optometrists important information about the retina at the beginning of the examination, so doctors like Dr. Werner can decide whether to spend additional time evaluating the retina.


Daytona gives Dr. Werner the ability to send the DICOM compatible digital retinal image to retinal specialist Dr. London. If Dr. London feels a condition is urgent, the two eye care professionals can begin formulating a treatment plan even before the patient arrives at Dr. London’s practice.


Dr. London uses a ™ UWF retinal imaging device, which is larger and slightly older than the desktop Daytona, but this larger device captures 200 degrees of the retina.The 200Tx guides the user through the process of positioning the patient’s head in the chin rest, allowing technicians to easily image patients.


The 200Tx allows the doctor to perform fluorescein angiography, a test that uses a special dye to highlight blood vessels in the back of the eye. Dr. London prefers this technology because it has a user-friendly interface and it gives him the ability to photograph up to 82 percent of a patient’s retina, without needing a trained photographer. It also produces detailed, informative and beautiful images of the eye, known as fluorescein angiograms or optomap® fa.


The UWF retinal imaging technology from Optos provides information that is critical to manage patient eye health properly. In patients with peripheral vascular loss due to diabetic retinopathy, Coats’ Disease, or vasculitis, for example, the optomap image captured with the device can reveal areas of ischemia missed with a traditional camera.


By working together and using UWF retinal imaging technologies, Drs. Werner and London can collaborate, improve patient flow, and provide more education and information to patients. The doctors can show patients their entire retinas or zoom in on various anatomic features to show patients what is happening inside their eyes. UWF imaging improves the ability to triage patients, provide comfort, and decrease anxiety. It can also improve outcomes for patients requiring additional treatment for serious issues as it facilitates diagnoses and allows doctors to initiate treatment almost immediately.




About optomap and UWF Retinal Imaging

UWF imaging technology provides eye care professionals with images and diagnostic information about the retinal periphery that isn’t provided by small-field imaging methods. UWF retinal imaging technology from Optos is a multi-modal platform which is customizable for use in multiple eye care settings.