Optos: Providing Customers with Worldwide Support and Benefits

We are dedicated to helping eye care professionals diagnose, manage and treat ocular and systemic disease earlier when prompt treatment can save sight and even save lives. Our team takes pride in the support we provide our customers in their efforts to improve the lives of their patients.


Optos Customer Portal

Download information on how to sign up for Customer Portal Access here.


We aim to provide the highest level of support to our clients by employing skilled and responsible people within the markets where our customers do business. We strive for E3 — Excellence Every Day in Everything we do, including providing support. Our quest for excellence attracts the best and brightest employees who are passionate about helping our customers improve care and treatment to their patients.


Convenient Customer Support


Our customers have access to “E3” worldwide support via phone, email, convenient & secure customer portals, extended warranty. Our extended warranty helps you protect your investment, save on unexpected repairs, and provide support for your patients and your business.



Customer Portal
Our Customer Portal allow you to download valuable marketing, training and product information at your convenience. The portals also provide access to diagnostic tools, billing & invoices, and technical support. Patient marketing materials include informative patient brochures in several languages, eye-catching posters, color and diagnostic atlases, fact sheets, reception room videos, and even pop-up displays.


Worldwide Support Team
Our worldwide support team is happy to answer any questions you may have about Optos, our devices, our images or partnership opportunities. We have support teams in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Sweden and Australia.


Educational Flipbooks and Apps
We have expanded upon our popular laminated retinal atlases to create optomap Atlas Flipbooks, which provide educational information and expanded images for each pathology. The optomap Diagnostic Atlas illustrates the visualization of different pathologies with ultra-widefield imaging. The optomap af Diagnostic Atlas shows visualization of pathologies with autofluorescence.


Additional educational, product information, and interactive activities are available for Apple and Android tablets. The optomap app can be downloaded from the Apple and Android stores. An online version is also available. This app provides more information about optomap through a series of interactive activities.


You’ve made the investment in UWF, we encourage you and your staff to leverage our tools to optimize that investment with ongoing education, training, and support. Need more information? Send us an email!



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