Customer Spotlight: Advanced Eyecare

Scott Schachter, OD added optomap to his practice in 2004 after his patients started saying that automatic dilation was keeping them away.  optomap, which is complimentary to dilation, provides him with clinical data for those patients who want an alternative or want to schedule dilation for a different time.



Scott Schachter, OD and the staff at Advanced Eyecare


Over the years, optomap has enabled him to diagnose and treat a variety of diseases and to utilize optomap as part of a year-over-year treatment tool. He says, “The more images I see, the more I realize that I might not see them if I wasn’t using this technology.” Patient education and quality of care has helped him maintain a high acceptance rate, even after eight years.


The images provide the doctor with valuable clinical data for quality patient care and patients who have conditions such as diabetes can see the impact of the disease and understand the need for compliance better. Dr. Schachter says, “You can say the words, but without patients seeing what you’re talking about, it’s not the same.”


Practice Information

  • – Advanced Eyecare and the Eyewear Gallery – Pismo Beach, CA
  • – Single doctor, private practice


Reason for Purchase

  • – Patient education
  • – Alternative to dilation
  • – Disease management
  • – Revenue generation
  • – Higher quality of care

For more information on optomap and Optos, be sure to visit the websites.

*This article originally appeared in Vision Source OD