Why Customers Love optomap – Lone Star Vision

Dr. Todd Brantley collaborates with this patients and other doctors to build stronger relationships. When Dr. Brantley brought Daytona into his practice, he made sure to let other doctors know. “We highlighted the benefits to referring doctors and they were amazed at how much information we could gather,” he says. These doctors have started referring patients to Lone Star Vision specifically to be imaged on the Daytona.

Source: Lone Star Vision

Source: Lone Star Vision

“The optomap® allows us to see and detect clinical signs earlier so that we can manage patients and reassure them that they are getting the best quality eye care. We can evaluate the retina and the structures of the eye in ways we couldn’t before with other technology. It’s 200° v 30°.”, says Dr. Brantley. In addition to building community, clinical decision-making, image quality, and patient education, Dr. Brantley believes that it is never too early to get the Daytona because it will help grow your practice faster.


Practice Information

  • – Lone Star Vision – TX

  • – Four doctor, private practice (multiple locations)


Reason for Purchase

  • – optomap image quality

  • – Patient education

  • – Revenue generation

  • – Higher quality of care


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