Why Customers Love optomap – Kapperman and White

For years the doctors of Kapperman and White, a Vision Source® practice, used dilation as the standard of care for every one of their patients. That is, until they saw the Daytona at the 2013 Vision Source Exchange. “All three of us went from being skeptics to being huge believers. The 200° optomap image shows us so much of the periphery that we may not have otherwise seen.  And it allows us to explain the need for a dilated exam more clearly, too,” says Kr. Kapperman.



The images provide the doctors with the data needed for clinical decision-making and they improve the level of patient education they also improve the level of patient education they can provide with tools such as 3D Wrap, a virtual tour of the eye.


In the first year of having the system between 60-80% of all patients opted for the procedure and according to doctor Kapperman, the screening fee contributes significantly to the practice’s bottom line.


Practice Information

• – Kapperman and White – Chattanooga, TN

• – Three doctor, private practice


Reason for Purchase

• – optomap® image quality

• – Patient education

• – Revenue generation

• – Clinical decision making


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