Patient Advice: The Widening Call for Kid’s Eye Protection

Visual development in children continues from birth to approximately 8 years of age. During this time, their coordination skills and facial structures are also in rapid development, which makes them especially prone to vision damage. Since damage that occurs during this phase of a child’s development can impair their vision for life, it’s critical to inform the parents of your patients about the widening call for eye protection in children.

baseball player

Research that was done in Australia proved that 10 percent of serious eye injury occurred during sporting activities and 27 percent of those cases resulted in permanent damage. Furthermore, the study showed that 48 percent of all eye injuries in children occurred while at home playing with objects that were easily accessible. With protective eye wear and implementation of simple safety tips, eye injury can be reduced by 90 percent.


To mitigate permanent visual damage, proper eye wear for the chosen sport is critical. An Australian study showed that only 19 percent of children wore protective eye wear while playing sports. While some sports in the United States mandate safety wear to protect eye health, there are many that do not. To protect children’s eyes, look for eye wear that’s designed for the sport they’re participating in. To ensure children will wear protection, check the fit and make sure it’s comfortable and that their vision is not obstructed. It’s a good idea to impress upon your young patients the importance of protecting their eye health.


General safety measures for young children should be implemented and monitored closely. Avoid buying children toys with sharp points, keep pointy objects out of their reach and ensure they’re sitting down quietly when holding objects that could damage their eyes, such as pencils or scissors. Not to be overlooked is the damage the sun’s UV rays can do to a child’s eye health, too. Studies have shown that continual overexposure to the sun’s rays can damage the retina and cause cancer or other eye health conditions that impair vision.


Optos is committed to promoting good eye health in children. Since most children don’t realize they have problems with their vision, a non-invasive optomap is the ideal way to visually inspect their eyes and ensure their retinas are healthy. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Source: morgueFile