See More, Treat More with the 200Tx from Optos

As innovators in digital scanning laser technology, our patented ultra-widefield retinal imaging devices, which allow for wider views of the retina, are providing eye care professionals worldwide with the ability to potentially detect eye diseases earlier than before. optomap® exams provide support in the diagnosis, documentation, and monitoring of many eye diseases sooner and easier than traditional eye exams and technologies.


Our 200Tx device has been designed to capture 82% — or 200° — of the retina in a single capture. The optomap provides eye care professionals with advanced screening exams in less time and less invasively. In addition, the 200Tx provides multiple modality imaging including: fluorescein angiography, autofluorescence, red-free or color using blue, green and red lasers.

Optos 200Tx retinal imaging device

Optos 200Tx

Designed with advanced features, the 200Tx offers many advantages that were previously impossible without ultra-widefield technology. The 200Tx is feature-rich and can provides the following benefits for your practice:

  • — Eye steering and annotation tools for medically necessary procedures that are reimbursable.
  • — Ultra-widefield digital capture of the retina without pupil dilation.
  • — Visualization of ultra-widefield autofluorescence retinal pigment epithelium (RPE).
  • — Red, green and blue digital scanning lasers to pinpoint areas of interest.
  • — ResMax™ for enhanced resolution of the central pole.
  • — Immediate image availability and storage capability for monitoring purposes.


With more than 250 completed and ongoing clinical studies, Optos is committed to helping eye care professionals provide the best care possible for their patients, while ensuring our technology increases efficiency over traditional examination processes. Visit contact us today to speak to with a representative.