May is Healthy Vision Month
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As proponents of good eye health, Optos would like to remind all practitioners that May is Healthy Vision Month. This is an excellent time to speak to your patients about healthy eye care habits that will provide them with the best chance at maintaining their eyesight, as well as preventing unnecessary vision loss.


As an eye care professional, you likely remind your patients of proper practices for optimal eye health on a routine basis. Healthy Vision Month is a great opportunity to remind them to be more proactive. Some tips and reminders you may wish to discuss with your patients include:


Also, consider hanging eye health posters in your practice to engage your patients. You might even set up your own Eye Health Day or Week to remind patients to have regular eye exams, so any problems can be detected and monitored closely. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has revamped its National Eye Institute website to include resources such as fact cards, informative articles and more that can be shared on your practice’s social media platforms or newsletters to help promote eye health.


Healthy Vision Month may also be the opportune time to invest in your practice by adding Optos’ ultra-widefield imaging technology. With this device, you can provide your patients with eye exams that offer a broader view of the retina, which may aid in early detection of eye disease or other systemic health issues that may compromise vision. Please visit our website for more information.

Source: graur codrin via