Improve Your Patients’ Experience with a Positive & Thankful Attitude
Source: imagerymajestic via

Source: imagerymajestic via

We’ve all heard of patients who’ve had less than stellar experiences with a health care provider, feeling more like a number and less like a person their practitioner wants to invest time in. However, there are lots of ways you can easily turn things around and improve your patients’ experience at your practice.


One tip Eric M. White, OD, recently shared in Optometric Minute is to always be positive and to thank your patients after each visit. As he explains, when the practitioner projects positivity and is in a good mood, it will have a ripple effect on others, trickling the good mood down to your staff members and then to your patients when they step in the door.  After all, a positive attitude can make a huge difference because positivity is “infectious” and can help patients feel as though they’re valued in your practice.


At the end of the day, Dr. White also emails a personal thank you note to patients he saw throughout the day. This not only keeps the lines of communication open, but it also gives him the chance to verify a patient’s contact information, as well as obtain feedback from patients about their experience. More engagement creates the opportunity for referrals, which can help build your practice.


We especially love the idea of sending patients a personal thank you note after each appointment, as you can include a recap of what was discussed at their appointment and even include a copy of a patient’s optomap® retinal images. Including your patients’ optomap® images in a follow-up email is a great way to remind them of what you see during an exam. These images can also help them better understand what a healthy retina should look like and learn more about a particular diagnosis.


What do you do to maintain a positive, thankful attitude in your practice? Share with us in a comment below.