Do you consider yourself a leader in the field of Ophthalmology?

As a leader in ophthalmology, you want to provide your patients with an excellent care experience, early detection, and prevention and treatment options, all while maintaining a balance between the clinical and business aspects of the practice. The seamless integration of cutting-edge technology such as optomap® ultra-widefield imaging can address this issue from both sides by providing a host of benefits for your practice.


Our ultra-widefield imaging devices allow you to potentially diagnose and treat a wider range of pathologies because you can see much more of the retina than you can with standard fundus photography.  The optomap offers multiple wavelength imaging, including options for color, red-free, fluorescein angiography and autofluorescence with simultaneous non-contact pole-to-periphery views of more than 80% or 200 degrees of the retina in a single capture. Using the optomap in a practice offers an excellent documentation tool, improves patient flow over traditional methods of evaluating the retina and you will be able to see more patients.

optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging

As professionals in the field of advanced technology for ophthalmologists, Optos is committed to ensuring optomap will benefit your practice and be a worthwhile long-term investment for you. We will help you integrate the technology into your practice and provide the training required to see immediate benefits from your investment. When you partner with Optos, you’re not simply buying our technology, you’re investing in your practice with state-of-the-art equipment and training that will support your clinical diagnosis and care while supporting your practice growth. We encourage you to visit our website to learn more, or contact us to speak to an Optos professional.