Tips for Using Social Media to Promote Your Eye Care Practice

We’ve shared before that creating profiles on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are great ways to market your eye care practice. They give you a place to interact with patients and offer the added benefit of being able to reach potential patients. Plus, you’re able to share your knowledge on eye care and common vision issues in a way that’s fun for patients.


For practitioners who may just be stepping into the world of social media with their practice, the American Optometric Association has some great tips for not only using these profiles to promote your practice, but also mastering the art of social media quickly. As you’re getting started, take the following into consideration:


  • — Engage with your followers. Don’t just post status updates and ignore questions and comments. Listen to your audience and provide them with an answer or response anytime you can. The more you engage with them, the more they’ll come to see you as an excellent source of information.


  • — Share what’s happening at your practice. Did you recently receive an award? Were you published in a medical journal? Is your practice involved with a local charity? Your social sites are the place to share that information. You can also advertise events your practice is holding or perhaps incentives for new patients or referrals.


  • — Network with other practitioners and health or professional organizations you’re a part of. Once connections like these are made, you’ll likely come to see how powerful social media can be, as others may share your posts and vice versa.


  • — Be respectful of your patients and mindful of regulations set forth by HIPPA and other governing bodies. While it’s fine to share your experiences, you should never identify a patient by name or post a photo that identifies them unless you have their permission.


social media for eye care practices

Are you interacting with your social media audience?


Are you using social media to promote your practice? If so, share with us your best practices for engaging with patients and other professionals on these social sites. Also, connect with Optos through your practice’s profiles! @OptosMA and connect with us on LinkedIn to stay informed on the latest in ultra-widefield retinal imaging and more. You can also Twitter profiles are great resources for patients, so be sure to share them with your patients!