Patient Advice: Look out for these Age-Related Vision Ailments

As an eye health provider, you know how important it is to closely monitor age-related vision ailments to avoid blindness. Unfortunately, many patients don’t report problems with their vision because they believe their eyesight naturally worsens with age. Teaching your patients what symptoms to watch for and advising them of precautionary measures can help your patients maintain their vision for years to come.

retinal scan

Color optomap image detecting AMD.

Since some eye problems can appear suddenly and rapidly causing blindness, impressing upon your patients the importance of regular eye exams is critical. You should also advise them to contact your office immediately if they experience symptoms of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) as described below.




  • –Hazy or blurred vision
  • –Problems when going from bright to low light, such as entering a darkened room on a sunny day
  • –Requiring more light than others to see properly
  • –Colors appear dull




  • –Distorted vision
  • –Appearance of large dark spot in center of vision
  • –Objects appear as different sizes in each eye


Although there is no known cure for either form of AMD, understanding how a healthy lifestyle can contribute to better eye health can be useful for your patients. Applying these techniques can help your patients mitigate the damage done to their vision or at least prolong their ability to see well.


You should inform your patients of foods that will provide the best nutrients for their eyesight and advise them of supplements that may be helpful if they don’t consume enough through their meals. Furthermore, remind them of the importance of proper sun protection when outdoors and encourage them to remain as active as possible.


Optos would like to remind you to impress upon your patients the importance of seeking help if they experience any of the symptoms mentioned above. Following up on their symptoms with an optomap retinal exam will allow you to diagnose and treat potential ailments sooner, resulting in better outcomes. Contact us to learn more today.


Image Source: Optos