Deciding if Ultra-wide Field (UWF) Imaging is Right for Your Practice

As we’ve shared in many previous blog posts, Optos’ UWF retinal imaging technology can differentiate your practice from the rest, providing the “wow” factor patients are searching for. However, the “wow” factor isn’t the only thing to consider when determining if UWF retinal imaging is right for your practice.


Optometric Management once discussed the topic of UWF retinal imaging with doctors who were new to the technology, as well as those who adopted the technology early on. They shared the following factors to help determine if UWF retinal imaging was the right choice for their practice.


  • Dilation: Conventional technology requires a patient’s eyes be dilated in order to examine the retina, which patients see as an inconvenience. Others have difficulties continuing to look in a certain direction during the exam for reasons such as age or disability, which can cause exams to produce less than ideal results. All practitioners that spoke with Optometric Management reported that using optomap® with its nonmydriatic option to capture images of patients’ retinas produced better results in exams that were also quick and comfortable.
  • Patient Education: Dr. David R. Frazee, a practitioner in Texas, says optomap® images help him better “explain how the eye works, what pathology a patient has and its impact on his vision and treatment plan,” noting optomap® images really are worth “a thousand words.” He also appreciates that the images are more accurate than attempting to draw and describe what he’s seen to a patient.
  • More Thorough Exams: For Dr. Ryan Parker, the ability to perform a more thorough exam was one of the aspects that attracted him to UWF retinal imaging. With the closest retina specialist being 90 minutes away from his practice and other local practitioners specializing in cataract surgery, he says retinal evaluations may not be performed unless he does it.
  • Return on Investment: In addition to how beneficial UWF retinal imaging is to doctors and patients during exams, practitioners noted adding an optomap® device to their practice offered a positive return on investment, bringing in extra revenue, as well as more word of mouth referrals.

optomap UWF retinal imaging

Do you think UWF retinal imaging is the next step to take with your practice? Contact Optos today to request a consultation with an optomap® representative. Our experienced consultants can answer any questions you may have, as well as how our technology can benefit your practice and purchasing options.