Optimize optomap® Acceptance Rates in Your Office with this Handy Checklist

By now you are likely aware that optomap® ultra-widefield (UWF) retinal imaging technology is the only clinically backed ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology that allows you to see up to 200 degrees of the retina in a single capture. UWF lets you see more and diagnose eye problems earlier, resulting in better patient outcomes.



If you are using optomap® retinal imaging in your practice, there are some marketing tools you should take advantage of to maximize your return on investment. You may wish to keep the following checklist in mind to help optimize optomap acceptance rates in your practice.


Entrance and Reception Room


  • — Is your optomap decal applied to your door or front window?
  • — Have you set up the optomap reception program to run on your television in the reception room?
  • — Do you have the current version of the patient brochures displayed where they will be easily noticed?
  • — Have the current posters been put up for patients to see while they are in the waiting room?
  • — Are the patient fact sheets displayed so that they are easily found?


Behind the Scenes



  • — Have you featured optomap retinal imaging on your website and included logos and pictures so it is easily recognized?
  • — Have you included a link to www.optomap.com to improve your search rankings?


Social Media:

  • — Do you have social media platforms set up, particularly Facebook and Twitter?
  • — Make sure to “like” the optomap Facebook page to stay current on developments and to share great content with your followers.
  • — If you use Twitter, follow optomap for information you can share with your followers.



  • — Have you completed your registration for the Customer Portal? Have you spent some reviewing the resources available to you?
  • — Has your office staff been trained in educating your patients on the benefits of including optomap in their comprehensive eye exams?


While it may seem like a lot to, these measures will help ensure maximum visibility and patient interest. This is especially important to convey on your website since most people research a primary eye care physician online before making an appointment.


Your practice is among those who have chosen optomap UWF technology for use in their practice. See More. Discover More.™ with optomap. Contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.


Source: Daytona by Optos