Charles Mayron, MD discusses the Benefits of Using optomap

As a vitreo-retinal specialist, Dr. Charles Mayron, MD previously relied heavily on OCT technology for diagnosis purposes in his patients. After using the 200Tx from Optos, he discovered many benefits to the ultra-widefield retinal imaging device.


retinal scan


One of the main points Dr. Mayron brings up about an optomap eye exam is the 200 degree view of the retina that he would have typically only seen in the operating room. Being able to have such a wide view in his office allows him to see possible causes for patients that are not responding well to standard treatments for pathology of the eye. He states he is able to see other issues that are contributing to the lack of success with conventional treatment for some of his patients.


Accountability is another area that optomap helps Dr. Mayron in his practice. With a heavy patient load, the 200Tx allows for a more thorough exam over previous technology, with an expediency and patient comfort level that was not possible before. This allows for accurate diagnoses and monitoring since the images captured provide excellent detail of the periphery as well as the fundus.


Finally, Dr. Mayron points out the confidence Optos’ technology inspires in his patients. The investment in the latest technology shows patients that he is current and using the best possible tools to help care for their eyes. Using the software that comes with the ultra-widefield imaging device allows him to show the patient what is happening with their disease and helps them feel more in control of what is going on. Watch the video of his testimonial for more important details shared by Dr. Mayron about optomap eye exams.


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Image Source: Optos