UWF-FA facilitates navigation of panretinal photocoagulation (PRP)

In a preliminary study presented at ARVO last year, researchers demonstrated a novel technique for managing extensive peripheral retinal ischemia and subsequently mitigating rebound edema while preserving most peripheral vision. Using UWF-FA to identify areas of nonperfusion in each quadrant and then importing this information into their panretinal laser system allowed the investigators to effectively navigate PRP treatment in the periphery. A larger, prospective study to evaluate the integrated use of the Optos 200Tx with a panretinal laser for the management of retinal ischemia and rebound edema is now underway.

UWF fa image

Steered ultra-widefield fa image shows extent of non-perfusion in the retinal periphery.

Surapaneni K, Singer M, Tan C, Sadda S. Widefield angiography-navigated panretinal photocoagulation in the management of retinal ischemia and rebound edema. Poster presented at Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA. May 5-9, 2013.