The American Academy of Ophthalmology Officially Launches the IRIS™ Registry

With more than 5 million comprehensive patient records currently on file, the AmericanAcademy of Ophthalmology (AAO) has recently announced the official launch of the Intelligent Research in Sight (IRIS™) registry. This is the nation’s first comprehensive registry of eye diseases and conditions and is designed to help improve patient care, comply with federal payment programs and enhance practice efficiency and quality using statistical analysis and aggregated data.


According to AAO CEO David W. Parke II, MD, “This is a watershed moment for the field of ophthalmology.” IRIS™ allows for evidence-based diagnostics harnessing the power of millions of pieces of clinical data saving significant time over traditional resources employed just 10 years ago.


You will be able to use IRIS™ to monitor and track patient care with its sub-specialty modules, apply variables such as demographics, pre-existing conditions and more to effectively assess possible outcomes for conditions such as AMD, cataract surgery, retinal surgery and diabetic retinopathy. Not only will this put innovative tools literally at your fingertips to improve speed and accuracy of diagnostics; it will allow you to strategically plan for better patient outcomes which will aid you in achieving excellence in your practice.


Optos is proud to be a part of this innovative resource by providing the database with ultra-widefield images of eye diseases captured by our optomap® devices. These images will provide you with an excellent point of reference for specific diagnoses if needed, and serve as a comparison to help determine severity and a course of action for your patients.

optomap ultra-widefield retinal image

Optos is working to provide the IRIS registry with clinically relevant information through optomap® images, such as this image displaying Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detacment, Retinal Diaysis and Macrocyst.

IRIS™ began with a limited-enrollment of 2,300 physicians in 47 states, but is now open for enrollment to all U.S. based AAO members and their practices. If you sign up by June 1 and meet reporting requirements, you’ll be able to contribute 2014 clinical data to the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. For those of you that currently use an EHR system, IRIS™ will automatically extract and submit your data to meet PQRS and Medicare reporting requirements. For more information, visit the AAO’s website.