Color and Your Eye Care Practice

From the moment a patient steps into your practice, there are a number of factors that will have an impact on their experience. From the greeting they receive at the receptionist’s desk to the length of their wait, nearly everything about your practice can create a lasting impression on your patients. All of these factors can either help calm nervous feelings about their visit or make them worse, right down to the colors of the walls!


While a patient may not realize the subliminal effect of colors, its one practitioners and practice managers should certainly understand. To put your patients at ease and give them a positive perception of your office when the step through the doorway, consider the following color strategies:


  •  — The reception area will be a patient’s first impression of your practice, so it’s important to use colors that will create a favorable impression and make them feel comfortable in this area. Blues and greens are generally associated with calming and soothing feelings, which are great for reception and waiting areas. A hint of pink can also be used, as this color is often associated with compassion.
  • — If your practice specializes in cancers that affect the eyes, consider using the colors associated with these cancers throughout your practice as well to show patients you are an advocate for raising awareness and support for these forms of cancer. For instance, the colors of ocular melanoma are blue and black, so you may want to consider featuring the awareness ribbon for this type of cancer in your practice.
  • — For practices that treat children, it’s important to remember that children respond differently than adult patients. A good strategy for children’s waiting and exam rooms is to avoid solid color walls, and instead use bright, fun colors within murals on the walls that will make your office seem less scary and more fun.

Linear Daytonas Eight Colors with Logos

No matter what colors you choose for your practice, Optos’ Daytona device can help enhance the aesthetic of your practice. Available in eight color combinations, there is a Daytona ultra-widefield retinal imaging device that can help set a positive tone in your practice! Request a consultation to learn more about Daytona.