AutoCapture Now Available with Daytona Ultra-widefield Devices

We know it can be hard to capture an image of a patient’s retina because they aren’t able to sit still or hold a certain position. To make the retina evaluation easier for eye care professionals, we’re pleased to share some information about the latest feature available with our Daytona Ultra-widefield imaging device – AutoCapture.


As we’ve shared before, Daytona offers a number of practical benefits for practitioners who use UWF™ imaging capabilities, including state-of-the-art technology to help with practice differentiation and positioning, as well as a fast exam suitable for all ages. With the AutoCapture feature, practitioners can capture images automatically and hands-free. The system detects when a patient has reached an optimal position for imaging and initiates the UWF imaging process. The images captured in 0.4 seconds are then saved or discarded using the same steps currently used with Daytona devices.


Additionally, AutoCapture provides some significant improvements for scenarios in which the technician performing the exam prefers to physically guide the patient’s head into position for imaging. For instance, the technician will no longer need to release the patient’s head to tap the tablet in order to capture the image. AutoCapture also has a positive impact on clinical workflow within the practice.


In addition to AutoCapture Daytona has the same benefits it always offered, such as a practitioner’s ability to show patients what they see; the use of 3D animation to educate patients; the ability to send patients images of their retina via email; and an additional source of income for their practice.


Are you interested in learning more about the UWF imaging capabilities of Daytona with AutoCapture and how this device might benefit your practice? Contact Optos today to request a consultation with one of our optomap representatives, who are ready to answer any questions you may have about Daytona and AutoCapture.