3D Wrap™ Allows Practitioners to Give Patients a “Tour” of Their Eye

Ask any doctor who has been practicing for many years, and they’ll probably agree that educating patients on a particular diagnosis is one of the best things you can do to help them understand what’s going on with their body and to improve adherence to treatment plans or ongoing visits. At Optos, we not only believe in providing practitioners with the resources to educate their patients, but also to show a patient exactly what they see in an retina exam. One of those tools is our innovative and interactive 3D Wrap™ tool.


3D Wrap™ allows practitioners to give patients a virtual tour of their eye, showing them where the retina is located and providing the opportunity to explain other parts of the eye. This is done by creating an animated 3D Wrap™ sequence of an optomap image, displayed as a 3-dimensional graphic model of their eye. Other features 3D Wrap™ is able to simulate include the following:


– The patient’s iris color from capture settings
– Refractive errors range from -10D to +5D, including the ability to demonstrate myopia and hyperopia through simulation of the shape of the model eye
– Demonstrating how myopia and hyperopia affect the patient’s vision by displaying different ray types, simulating near or distant objects, as well as an overlap of the two
– IOL selections such as Monofocal and Multifocal lenses

3D Wrap

This is just a glimpse at how Optos’ 3D Wrap™ can let practitioners better educate their patients on vision issues, the inner workings of their eyes and more. Those interested in learning more can contact us today to speak with a representative. If you currently use 3D Wrap™, leave a comment below to share your experience with your fellow practitioners.


It is important to note that 3D Wrap™ is not for diagnostic purposes.