Optos UWF imaging technology offers the widest view of the retina

A study comparing the UWFFA imaging capabilities of the Optos 200Tx and a recently introduced module-based system confirms that the optomap® provides the widest field of view. Results published in Clinical Ophthalmology demonstrated that both systems provided excellent imaging of the peripheral retina although the Optos optomap covered at least 50% more retinal surface area with a single, non-steered shot and provided a wider view of the retina temporally and nasally, with the comparator system providing greater visualization of the peripheral vasculature of the superior and inferior retina.


Witmer MT, Parlitsis G, Patel S, Kiss S. Comparison of ultra-widefield fluorescein angiography with the Heidelberg Spectralis noncontact ultra-widefield module versus the Optos optomap. Clinical Ophthalmology. 2013; 7: 389-394.



optomap® provides unprecedented visualization of retinal pathology in a single-capture digital image that can be readily annotated and shared. The new independently validated optomapDiagnostic Atlas™ displays pathologies that have been seen in our 200° view of the retina and is being supplied to doctors and staff to facilitate image interpretation and patient education.