Encourage Patients to Give the Gift of Sight with an optomap® This Holiday Season
holiday gifts

Source: Naito8 via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We all seem to have a few of those people on our holiday gift lists that seem impossible to shop for. It is highly likely that your patients have a few of these people on their holiday shopping lists, too. These individuals seem to have everything they could possibly want or need, making it difficult to give them a gift with meaning. Rather than buy these individuals more “stuff,” suggest that your patients take a cue from Europeans by gifting their loved ones with an optomap® this holiday season.


In many European countries, such as Germany, it is a common practice to give a gift that promotes health and wellness. While gym memberships and other similar gifts are thoughtful, there is always a chance that the recipient may only use it for a month or two before they stop going altogether. The gift of an optomap®, on the other hand, is a thoughtful gift that can be used to ensure the recipient’s eyes and vision are healthy.


As an added benefit, the gift of an optomap® can potentially save an individual’s vision, if not their life, as many systemic diseases and other issues that threaten one’s vision can be detected through this painless test that takes less than a few seconds to perform. You can also give your patients examples of how conditions ranging from retinitis pigmentosa and retinal detachments can be detected through an optomap®.


Are you encouraging your patients to give the gift of sight and eye health to their loved ones with an optomap® this holiday season? If so, share with us in a comment below.


If you’re not doing so this year, but hope to do so in holiday seasons to come, contact us today to learn more about how you can bring optomap® into your practice with one of our UWF imaging devices.