Diagnostic & Educational Tools

Ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology lets you see more of the retina...easier. optomap images provide an unprecedented 200 degree view that enables practitioners to more effectively detect, monitor and promote patient health. The tools below will assist you in identifying pathology on optomap images. 


Recognizing Pathology - The Complete optomap Clinical Image Library

Recognizing Pathology is designed as a searchable reference resource to support clinical decision making. The information contained here should be used as a general guideline only when viewing optomap images. 


Downloadable Diagnostic Atlas PDFs

View, share, and download our popular diagnostic atlases. These tools are helpful for patient education regarding the types of disease and pathology that can occur on the retina. 

optomap color rg Diagnostic Atlas

Diagnostic Atlas - optomap color rg PDF

optomap AF Diagnostic Atlas
Diagnostic Atlas - optomap af  PDF

optomap fa Diagnostic Atlas
Diagnostic Atlas - optomap fa PDF

optomap icg Diagnostic Atlas
Diagnostic Atlas - optomap icg PDF

Interactive Flipbooks

optomap color rg Diagnostic Atlas Booklet
Diagnostic Atlas Booklet

optomap AF Diagnostic Atlas Booklet
Diagnostic Atlas af Booklet

optomap fa Diagnostic Atlas Booklet
Diagnostic Atlas fa Booklet

optomap icg Diagnostic Atlas Booklet
Diagnostic Atlas icg Booklet


For a better understanding of the differences between optomap versus widefield or traditional retinal imaging devices, please watch the videos below.