Our Software Products

At the heart of all technology products is the software that makes it run and function. The optomap devices are no different. Our software products enable our devices to make image capture, review, sharing and storage of optomap images easier and more dynamic. 

Utilizing our ProView™ technology, optomap images offer the only anatomically correct 200⁰ or 82% image of the retina. ProView normalizes the inherent bias which occurs when curved surfaces, like the retina, are displayed in a flat plane. ProView also enables historical and multi-modality comparison overlay and enhances the 3D Wrap™ tool. 


Our latest software product, OptosAdvance is a comprehensive image management solution for eyecare. It enables clinicians to review,
annotate, securely refer and archive images from many eyecare diagnostic devices in their practices using a single, industry-standard
DICOM solution. OptosAdvance provides an “all in one” solution for managing clinical eyecare data from any browser. Additionally,
data within the screen views can be arranged according to individual user's preferences. 

OptosCloud is the latest storage solution for eyecare professionals utilizing OptosAdvance. Enable your data to be secure and safe, while 
making it more accessible from anywhere.