General Cleaning and Disinfection Instructions and FAQ

To help ensure proper cleaning of your device, Optos provides specific instructions for use that include disinfectant guidelines which can be found below. With very little impact to the daily workflow, your devices can be easily cleaned and disinfected by healthcare professionals between each patient exam.

For the complete User Guide for your device, please visit the Customer Portal.

General Cleaning

Be careful not to damage the scan head covers when cleaning. The equipment should be kept clean and dust-free.

- Logout, shut down and power off the device before cleaning the outer casing of the scan head.
- Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the plastic surfaces.
- Ensure debris does NOT fall inside the device.
- Use a glass-cleaning agent to clean the PC monitor and touch screen.



What about the airflow from the device?
The device fan draws away from the patient and exhausts to the back, away from the patient.

Are these instructions complete?
It is important that the user manual is followed for proper device cleaning.

What needs to be cleaned?
Areas where the patient contacts the device should be cleaned and disinfected between patient sessions. Areas where the operator contacts the device should be cleaned and disinfected as needed.​ If required, the touch screen, hand control and table may be cleaned and disinfected between operators or more frequently.​

What should the device be cleaned with?
The current Optos recommendation is to use 70% IPA wipes to disinfect areas with patient contact and please follow disinfectant agent’s manufacturer instructions and precautions time after wipe down to help assure effective and safe use of the product​

What is the guideline for masks and gloves?
Masks & powder-free gloves are recommended for Healthcare Professionals and Patients in accordance with local government COVID-19 guidance. However, patients should be encouraged where possible to avoid touching the device during imaging with their hands (place in lap).​

What other precautions can we utilize for patient protection?
Use the dust-plug to protect the mirror from dust is encouraged and 95% IPA wipes are recommended for mirror to remove any particles​ and use fabric cover when the device is not in use.

Our face pad is dirty, what should I do?
If the face pad is dirty it can be removed and wash it with hot water and soap and dry it before a final disinfection of the surface with the 70% IPA. Do NOT attempt to wash any other patient or operator contact parts with soap and water. ​