optomap Technology Impacts Patient Experience and Improves Practice Efficiency


Patient Experience Week is an annual event that is observed in healthcare institutions across the globe. This week offers an opportunity for healthcare providers to focus on the patient's experience of care, including the quality of care, the level of engagement between patients and staff, patient safety, and patient satisfaction. During this week, eye care providers can benefit from highlighting the use of technology such as optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging in patient experience.  In recognition of Patient Experience Week, we would like to highlight eye care practitioners that understand the importance of the experience their patients receive while in their care. 

As an advocate for her patients' care, education, and overall experience, Dr. Michelle Mann, OD, of BC, Canada boasts the importance of Optos multimodality retinal imaging technology for both her patients and the efficiency of her practice.

Michelle Mann OD

In a recent testimonial, Dr. Mann speaks on how she optimizes her practice and patient care with optomap.

During her Optometry studies in the United States, Michelle Mann, OD, MPH was given the opportunity to practice on several imaging modalities and platforms. When ready to open her solo practice – Mishe Optometry in BC, Canada – Mann selected the device that stood out during her training: the Optos Monaco. Introducing Monaco to her practice enhanced the clinic’s overall flow, enabled Dr. Mann to see more patients and improved her overall financials.

Mann stated, “A multimodal platform that contains ultra-widefield (UWF™) imaging, SD-OCT technology, confocal laser scanning, and fundus autofluorescence prevents what I call machine fatigue. Patients don’t need to hop from one platform to another when all the imaging modalities I use are in a single device. This makes my patient visits more efficient—which leads to happier patients who return for follow-up.”

She recalled, “During the earliest years of my solo practice, one of my patients came in for his regular appointment. He was mostly interested in an updated contact lens prescription. Using Monaco, I performed a thorough exam and detected retinal holes in his periphery.”  With this early diagnosis, the patient was referred to retinal care to resolve the holes before symptoms ever displayed. Utilizing OptosAdvance, a comprehensive image management solution for eyecare, non-PHI imaging reports can easily be shared with referred specialists who will also treat patients. Mann shared, “The patient was so grateful that his primary eye care provider detected his condition. After that, he brought his entire family to my practice and began referring friends.”

On the importance of patient education, Mann shared, “I show any patient their optomap if they want to learn more about their exam findings. If a patient’s anatomy is healthy, the optomap serves as a complete snapshot of retinal health, which is useful for longitudinal tracking. For patients with pathology, I can point to specific areas of concern, thereby arming them with facts that will propel follow-up.”

An optomap is key for improved diagnosis of ocular diseases and reassures patients to help build the solid patient base that supports a practice. They are eager to share their stories and post positive reviews.

“By investing in such technology and earning the reputation of a standout optometrist, I knew I could strengthen the long-term financial security of my practice,” Mann continued. “Without Monaco, capturing patients in the earliest years of solo practice would have been a bigger challenge.”

Patient Experience Week presents an excellent opportunity to focus on the patient's experience of care. The use of technology such as optomap retinal imaging can significantly enhance the patient experience, by making the process of eye exams less stressful and more efficient. By embracing new technologies in eye care, providers can ensure that patients receive the best treatment for their eye health while improving their patient experience.To learn about the additional benefits of implementing optomap into your practice clinical setting, visit our website today.