Optos AI Solutions

Combining Ultra-widefield Imaging and AI
to Save Sight.

Optos AI for DR

The only 200° ultra-widefield retinal imaging tool for rapid, AI-based diabetic retinopathy screening.

* Optos AI for DR has CE marking in the UK & European Union.


Optos UWF is the Gold Standard for Diabetic Eye Exams


The clinical value of UWF imaging technology is proven in thousands of published articles and is endorsed by esteemed clinicians globally. Put the power of AI for DR with UWF detection to work for you.

  1. Fast - Rapid analysis with rapid results
  2. Accurate - DR detection sensitivity over 96% and specificity over 93% 5
  3. Reliable - Report includes thumbnails and quality metrics for each analyzed image


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"Optos AI for DR has the potential to save sight and save healthcare practitioner’s time whilst allowing clinicians to deliver the best clinical care.”

Prof. Tunde Peto
Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology - Queen's University Belfast


5 Performance of a Diabetic Retinopathy Deep Learning Model for Ultra-widefield Imaging, Peto et al, Accepted for presentation at ARVO 2022

How it Works

For 30 years Optos UWF technology has helped eyecare practitioners detect, diagnose, and treat retinal pathology thus saving sight. Optos AI for DR combines the power of UWF imaging with cutting-edge AI assessment so practitioners in every care setting can more effectively protect vision. 

If you are a healthcare practitioner looking to expand your clinical offering with additional eyecare screening, please visit the Optos Telehealth Solutions website for additional information and a complimentary demonstration. 


Find out how Optos AI for Diabetic Retinopathy can help you protect your patient’s vision

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