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Webinars are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest technology as well as how to get the most out of your optomap UWF investment. Below are some of the most popular webinars that we have held.

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AAO 2020 Multimodal Ultra-widefield Imaging: The Gold Standard for Retina Evaluation


AAO 2020 Clinical Value of Multi-modality UWF imaging including Peripheral


Grow Revenue for Your Practice with optomap (AU)

Maximizing Ultra-widefield Image Quality

The OPS presents UWF imaging, how to capture the best images, and how to apply device tools in clinic.

Thriving Today - Technology for Success

2020 is a time for practice innovation – it presents an opportunity to strategically reevaluate practice protocols to optimize clinical outcomes and practice revenues. This program explores the place of UWF imaging technology in helping make exams safer, faster, and more clinically useful.

Enhance Patient Care with optomap

In this webinar, Simon Browning provides a step by step guide to reviewing and interpreting pathology found on ultra-widefield retinal images. The presentation allows the delegates to think about what they are looking at and to challenge them to think about the methodical process they are developing.

OCT in Optometric Care

This course is an introduction to OCT technology and its applications in optometry care.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Reviewing and Interpreting Pathology & Diseases

In this webinar, Simon Browning provides a step by step guide to reviewing and interpreting pathology found on ultra-widefield retinal images. The presentation allows the delegates to think about what they are looking at and to challenge them to think about the methodical process they are developing. 

OCT Case Review

This case-based course will emphasize diseases commonly seen in optometric practices such as diabetic eye disease and AMD.

Technology for Improving Patient Outcomes

Technology in the optical industry is constantly developing. In particular, OCT and ultra-widefield (UWF) are becoming vital tools to help identify retinal pathology. In this webinar, Optometrist Faye McDearmid will discuss why she chose to invest in UWF technology for her practice.

Getting Started with Telehealth for Eye Visits

This webinar covers recent changes by CMS to allow for virtual visits, documentation, and billing. We will also discuss current and future technologies that can help accomplish these distance appointments.

Implementing a Combined UWF & OCT System

The evolution of imaging technology is helping doctors find retinal pathology earlier and manage disease more effectively. Patients rely on practitioners provide the best possible care. This webinar will help doctors determine if a combination system with OCT and UWF imaging is right for their practice. Topics include clinical utility of combination technology, billing with a combination device, and ROI.

A Wider Look at Enhanced Eye Exams

This webinar will look at the legal requirements of providing enhanced eye examinations and through a presentation of four (4) case histories, Morven Campbell will examine the benefits for the patient and practitioner.

Ultra-widefield Retinal Imaging for Beginners

When taking on new clinical diagnostic equipment it can be quite bewildering to view the eye in different ways. Often the new imaging techniques show structures in ways that look so different as to cause confusion. It is imperative that when viewing images the user has at least a basic knowledge of what they are looking at and how to differentiate between the normal and the abnormal whilst arriving at sensible conclusions.

Getting Started with High-tech Virtual Visits

Steven Houston III, MD presents novel telemedicine workflows to enhance patient and staff safety and practice efficiency during and after the COVID-19 crisis. New workflows include the use of hybrid telemedicine visits which combine in-office work-ups including OCT and ultra-widefield imaging with virtual consultations.

Continuing Education Links - OD

CEwire 2020

Join us June 27 & 28 -

Continuing Education Links - MD


Online CME - Retina

Credits and Costs Vary

CME List

Online CME 

Credits and Costs Vary

Continuing Education Links - UK


A Wider View of Enhanced Eye Examinations - Online CET Webinar


Technology To Improve Patient Outcomes - Online CET Webinar

Diagnostic Tools

Comprehensive diagnostic and educational tools to assist eyecare professionals in identifying pathology on optomap images. 

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Recognizing Pathology – optomap Image Library

Your first stop for identifying pathology on optomap images. Visit our complete image library and search by image modality or pathology type.

Interactive Diagnostic Atlases

To further assist eyecare professionals in recognizing retinal pathology, we have expanded on our popular retinal atlas PDFs and created a full interactive handbook for all of our diagnostic atlases.

Retinal Pathology Comes Alive

For a better understanding of the differences between optomap versus widefield or traditional retinal imaging devices.

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Clinical Literature

Optos is committed to utilizing the latest technology to manufacture new products and software that support optomap as a standard of care, therefore, helping eye care professionals around the world save sight and lives.  To date, over 1,800 peer-reviewed papers and studies have been completed which strengthens our clinical evidence and expands disease indications to demonstrate the importance of imaging the entire retina. Highlighted Clinical Studies are available below.

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optomap is Equivalent to ETDRS

Results from a large multi-center collaborative study confirm the equivalence of optomap to ETDRS Gold Standard for grading diabetic retinopathy.

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css UWF


Defining Ultra-widefield

Results from a recent publication call for the use of consistent nomenclature when describing the field of view captured by retinal images.

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Webinars, CE, Diagnostic Tools, Clinical Literature

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