Technology Aids Practice to Expose Disease Early and Help Extend Patients’ Vision


In terms of retinal imaging, a bigger image is better. Capturing a larger field of view encompassing more of the retinal periphery can complement standard approaches in any practice setting. 

optomap® captures high-resolution 200° ultra-widefield (UWF™) retinal images, that help detect, diagnose, and treat retinal disorders and diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, and cancer, in a single capture.  Using an Optos retinal imaging device, the process is painless, takes only seconds to capture an image, reduces patient wait times, improving patient satisfaction. Everybody wins.

Dr. Andy Yaryan and his team of optometrists with the Yaryan Eye Care Center trialed their first Optos California in 2019.  “Between myself and my team, we have more than 75 years of experience. But if you can give us the tools to improve our skills even more, then that’s a no-brainer.  optomap images give us a much wider view of what we’d see with a regular fundus camera, allowing us to spot diseases or problems before they become a serious issue,” explained Dr. Yaryan. By 2021, the Center had purchased one Optos California and two Optos Daytona UWF imaging devices.

Dr. Yaryan, who is a board-certified Optometrist from the Board of Examiners in Optometry, and his team have managed to spot several serious eye conditions thanks to the imaging. He said, “Last year, we had a seven-year-old patient come in after experiencing headaches and sickness. Thanks to the advanced imaging, we spotted swelling on his optic nerve, leading to a diagnosis of a rare type of cancer, neuroblastoma. Luckily, the image managed to show the growth at an early stage and the patient got the treatment he needed early.”

Andrew Yaryan Testimonial

By simply explaining what an optomap screening captures, the majority of patients in his local quickly agree to pay the few extra dollars for the scan.  Working in a community that faces a poverty rate above 28%, Yaryan stated that, “above the benefits to us as eye care professionals and our patients, the return on investment was almost immediate.”

Yaryan added, “Having this reassurance is invaluable and has already benefitted some of our patients in life-changing ways.  From high blood pressure to retinal vein occlusion that can lead to blindness, using optomap has helped us improve what we do and ultimately, save the sight of our patients. Being able to show patients what we’re seeing in real-time is also a huge plus. It reassures our patients that everything is being spotted while it also gives us the added reassurance that we’re giving the best care possible. If something has been detected, we can share these images quickly with any secondary care providers and speed up the treatment needed for our patients.”

Yaryan added, “I truly believe that with this innovation now readily available, we wouldn’t be doing our patients justice if we weren’t using Optos technology. If you are thinking about upgrading your current tech, or exploring what Optos can do, I’d encourage you to go for it. There’s no pressure to buy and you can trial it with you team to make sure everyone is happy before making a decision. My only wish is that I’d done this sooner!”

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