Deconstructing the myth behind an Optos device investment


We understand that an upfront purchase of an Optos device can feel daunting. But adopting advanced retinal imaging technology can start driving revenue in your practice the moment you invest. Clinical studies show that patients who are educated about the additional benefits of an optomap eye scan, choose to have one up to 80% of the time.1 And regardless of the size of your practice, whether a solo practitioner or part of a large ophthalmology department—multiple device configurations are available to suit any type of practice. Optos devices capture 82% of the retina as opposed to 15% with standard fundus photographyand with optomap our devices can capture images in ½ second.    

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Optos devices are proven to improve practice efficiencies, allowing eye care specialists to provide patient care that increases early detection, while also seeing more patients. Advanced technology that supports earlier detection of potential diseases and disorders is helping to provide superior healthcare that’s profitable over the long term 

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable practising without optomap and am proud to have it included in our best standard eye test. We wish every practice would invest in optomap to offer the highest level of eyecare.”  Simon Falk, Simon Falk Eyecare  

It’s not only clinical practitioners who are positively commenting about how Optos technology has helped transform a practice with cutting-edge eye care. A resounding 2,500+ studies demonstrate Optos’ clinical value and practice efficiencies​.2,3 In clinical settings, a return on investment is also being seen via customer retention, and the utilisation of retinal imaging that’s able to generate 200° ultra-widefield single-image captures. Our state-of-the-art data management software, Optos Advance™, also helps streamline image review, referrals, and consultations. This is DICOM compatible software that assists with UK/EU GDPR and Data Security Standards.   

Patients are benefiting from our technology, while a practices bottom line is increasing over time via user adoption, allowing for a significant return on an initial investment, one that can be structured to meet the specific needs of a practice.4 Purchasing an Optos device doesn’t have to feel scary, and with a range of options available and retinal imaging revenue that is scalable, practitioners are now seeing future business benefits without having to worry about the regret of hindsight.  

 Three ways Optos devices support a practice 

  • Develops customer loyalty
  • Supports revenue growth 
  • Delivers superior clinical care

Multimodality features improve patient care and customer retention  

Up to nine image modalities* that can include OCT help make a practice: multidimensional, multipurpose, and multifunctional. More images provide more information, while also allowing for enhanced practice efficiencies as part of a healthy long-term investment.  

 California has become one of the most important pieces of equipment we have in our practice, I simply cannot imagine practicing without it.Ian Cameron, Cameron Optometrist 

Why not get Optos off your wish list, invest in advanced retinal imaging technology that helps grow a business year on year  

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If interested in learning more about what an Optos device can do to support your practice—don’t wait.

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*Feature availability depends on device configuration, and may not be available in all regions, please check with your representative.


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