Embrace the benefits of Cutting Edge Technology and Gift yourself Optos UWF!

Dr. Rachael Wruble, OD knew that when she went out on her own to practice that she wanted to bring in Optos ultra-widefield (UWF™) imaging for her patients. Wruble was already familiar with the cutting-edge technology and valued that it could capture 82% of the retina in a single, high-resolution image in less than ½ second. She embraces the concept that the eye is a part of a puzzle and is interconnected with the entire body, providing important information on systemic health, therefore proving her need to invest in a technology that supports a truly comprehensive eye exam.

With the use of optomap in her practice, Wruble explains how she sees subtle pathology and other retinal nuances that she had not seen on patients that she had been examining for years. According to Dr. Wruble, while the ease-of-use of optomap may expedite workflow in her practice, the real value of that rescued time lies in enhancing the comprehensive exam and further educating her patients.

Wruble shares a story of a recent patient who came in for a new glasses prescription. The patient complained of blurry vision but refused dilation because she had received a dilated exam 10 months prior. When she pulled up the optomap images, she immediately noted how swollen the optic nerve appeared in the patient’s left eye. Wruble immediately referred her for an MRI which revealed a tumor around the anterior cerebral artery, requiring the patient to undergo emergency brain surgery. Without the optomap image, the change in her eye might have been missed.

Additionally, Wruble’s practice boasts a high acceptance rate for optomap and her staff is very well versed in explaining to patients the importance of an optomap image for detection, diagnosis, and documentation for both ocular and systemic health. Wruble notes that she is able to provide a better exam experience for those patients that may be typically harder to examine, such as children and the elderly population. “I pride myself on finding pathology but optomap gives me the confidence that I am not missing anything. It is an amazing tool.”

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optomap is the only high resolution, single-capture UWF retinal image. Want to upgrade or add UWF to YOUR practice? Then we encourage you to take advantage of Section 179 tax incentives (US only) to gift yourself and your patients the technological advancements available with optomap. To learn more about our UWF devices please visit our website.