Do you have a digital strategy?

When you think about engaging with your patients do you consider digital and social media? With so many channels and apps, getting started and building a strategy around communication can be overwhelming and not just writing the content, either, but adhering to the ever-changing mediums and regulations.


A recent article in Optometric Management called Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy, calls out eight essential tips for social media success:

  1. Set a Goal
  2. Develop Cross-Channel Marketing
  3. Ensure Accuracy
  4. Consider Paid Ads
  5. Mix Up Content
  6. Protect your Reputation
  7. Work Smart
  8. Monitor your Competition


The digital marketing team at Optos has developed tools for our customers to utilize when getting started on their digital journey. For access to these tips and tricks, we encourage our customers tweets, Instagram account, we post an “Image of the Week” and also select an “Image of the Month” for all images posted to Instagram with #optomap. We also provide a variety of product images, optomap images, and logos directly on our website, and we have an entire repository of images at


What is working for you? Let us know!


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