Customer Testimonial: Safety Harbor Optical

An Optos device user since 2011, Daytona, on the advice of a colleague. Dr. Hollander feels that the rental model suits his practice best, “Optos makes it attractive with the device and service all rolled into one price.” In addition, he is very happy with the more than 90 percent patient acceptance rate for optomap®, adding to his bottom line. Even offering a family discount (and the occasional no-cost image to illustrate to patients how important it is to his clinical decision making), his revenue from patient optomap images is more than double his monthly cost.

Source: Safety Harbor Optical

Source: Safety Harbor Optical


Dr. Hollander’s diabetic patients are also sharing their optomap images with their endocrinologists for more complete disease management and he often consults with retinal specialists. “The Daytona is like another employee in the form of equipment. It’s always there, and it’s always reliable.”


Practice Information:


Reason for Purchase:

  • optomap image quality

  • — Patient education

  • — Disease management

  • — Revenue generation

  • — Higher quality of care


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